Пожалуйста, составьте с данными словами 15 предложений (на английском естесственно):

natural, senior, animal, charity, foster, staff, full, take, answer, support, donate, burst, volunteer, encourage, get involved.


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1. My sister tries to keep her natural beauty, that's why she doesn't use any make up.

2.  There are gyms for senior and junior pupils in our school.

3. i don't think  keeping animals in the Zoo is a good idea.

4. Some rich people donate money  to charity.

5. A little girl had been  adopted and was brought up by her foster parents.

6. The library staff in our school is always glad to help us.

7. my grandparents are always full of energy and humore.

8. I lways take care of my little brother.

9. I couldn't give an answer to my mother's question.

10. i am always supported by my parents.

11. instead of throwing away some old  clothes, it is better to donate them to poor people.

12. Fruit trees burst into blossom in spring.

13. There were no any volunteers to help cleaning the flat after the party.

14. Good test results  encourage me to learn even better in future.

15. I don't want to get involved in my friends problems.