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Проверенные ответы содержат надёжную, заслуживающую доверия информацию, оценённую командой экспертов. На "Знаниях" вы найдёте миллионы ответов, правильность которых подтвердили активные участники сообщества, но Проверенные ответы - это лучшие из лучших.
Young people cannot live in isolation. They are looking for a communication, they want to have fun and a good time. That's why the majority of young people are trying to make friends and join the big companies in different youth groups. Some of these groups are engaged in research, compose and perform music, go to the mountains, enjoy exploring the past of our country and study the past of our country and take care of veterans.This is great! But there are some youth groups that choose to use alcohol and drugs, they are promoting hatred, violence and racial hostility. These are bad groups. It's very hard to choose a group for young people and teenagers because they don't have enough life experience. That's why young people need to listen to the views of their parents and teachers. I will never join the group that can ruin my life and health.