Раскройте скобки и употребите глагол в нужном времени.

1. She (to learn) English.

2. They (to come) home at ten pm tomorrow.

3. My bronher (to be) a school-boy. He (to go) to school.

4. We (meet) them at the same place every week.

5. She (to live) in this house.

6. James (keep) the book about films.

7. I and my friends (to go skiing) next Sunday.

8. James (keep) the book about films yesterday.

9. You (to go) to the cinema next weekend.

10. Her mother (not to cook) in the evening.

11. I (to like) music.

12. His sister (to draw) a picture next weet.

13. Last summer that boy (break) my window.

14. I (drive) to work every day last year.

15. Laura (hit) tnat boy.

16. Michael (to do) his lessons every day.

Иставте do или does.

1. ... you sleep well?- Yes, I ... .

2. ... your sister wash the plates?-Yes, she ... .

3. What ... the teacher ask you to do?

4. ... Kitty read English books?-Yes, she ... .

5. He ... not like porridge.

6. We ... not go to school in summer.

Вставте местоимения по смыслу.

1. Once upon a time (однажды) there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. Together with _______ mum, __________lived in a big forest (лес).

2. One fine day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother said,

3. " ________- grandma is ill. Please go and take this cake and a bottle of wine to ___________ . Grandma's house is not too far from ____________ house, but always go straight (прямо) and don't stop!"

5. So, Little Red Riding Hood took basket (корзина) and went to Grandma's house.

6. In the forest ____________ met the big bad wolf.

7. Little Red Riding Hood greeted (приветствовать) _________ and the wolf asked ___________:

8. "Where are _________ going, Little Red Riding Hood?"

9. "To _________ grandma's house." answered Little Red Riding Hood.

10. "Can you tell _________ where ____________ grandma lives?"

11. " ___________lives in a little cottage at the edge (край) of the forest."

12. "Why don't _________ pick (собирать) some nice flowers for __________?" asked the wolf.

13. "That's a good idea." said Little Red Riding Hood and began looking for (искать) flowers. Meanwhile (тем временем), the wolf was going to grandma's house.

14. The house was quite (совсем) small but nice and ________ roof (крыша) was made out of straw (солома).

15. The wolf went inside (вовнутрь) and swallowed (проглотить) poor old Grandma. After that ___________ put Grandma's clothes on (put on - надевать) and lay (lie - lay - ложиться, лежать) down in _________ bed.


Ответы и объяснения


Раскрыть скобки: 1 learn. 2 will come; 3 is, goes; 4 meet; 5 lives; 6 keeps; 7 will go skating; 8 kept; 9 will go; 10 doesn`t cook; 11 like; 12 will draw; 13 broken; 14 had been driven; 15 hits; 16 does

Лучший Ответ!

1. she learns English

2. they will come home at 10 p.m tomorrow

3. my brother is a school boy, he goes to school.

4. we meet them at the same place every week.

5. she lives in this house

6. james keeps the book about films.

7. I and my friens will go skiing next Sunday.

8. James kept the book about film yesterday.

9. you will go to the cinema next weekend

10. her mother doesn't cook in the evening

11. I like music

12. his sister will draw a picture next week.

13. last summer that boy broke my window

14. I drove to my work every day last year.

15. Laura hits that boy.

16. Mickael does his lessons every week.



1.do you sleep well? - yes? I do

2. does your sister wash the plates? - yes? she does

3. what does the teacher ask you to do.

4. does Kitty read English books? yes,she does

5. he doesn't like porrige

6. we don't go to school in summer.



her, they, your, our, she, him, her, you, my, me, your, she, you, her, its, he,her