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Read the text and fill in the gaps with the verbs from the box in the correct form.
In the early years of the last century,George Harper(1)___the job of a stonemason and became a part of the team who built the University of Birmingham clock tower.This September,his grandson Paul Ramsay,with his wife,climbed the tower and(2)___the top to see for themselves the view that their grandfather had enjoyed.
This visit to the clock tower was,however,more than just nostalgia.Paul and his wife,who live in the USA,have just(3)___and exceptionally generous donation of £ 1 million to the University of Birmingham,where Paul(4)___three degrees in computer science.Paul explained why he(5)___this extraordinary donation: "My higher education at the University was free.My wife and I wanted(6)___something back to our universities-the institutions that helped us(7)___where we are today."
The University Vice-Chancellor(8)___:"We are going to spend this by supporting research in computer science and helping those students who experience difficulty.This extraordinary contribution will have a real impact on the lives of the students and staff in the School of Computer Science"
[VERBS] to take to make
to take up to say
to get to to give
to get


Ответы и объяснения


1. took

2. got to

3. made

4. had got

5. had given

6. to give

7. to get

8 . said