Сочинение на тему " Как производят газету" и кто в этом процессе участвует)

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To print the newspaper - very much not simple business! At first it is necessary to work with the text. At first think out a theme of all articles and blocks. Over it poets and writers work. They watch theme disclosing. The ready basis needs to be checked up. This work will be carried out by editors of the newspaper. They check presence of the creative approach. If it is absent, all goes back to writers. And if everything is all right it is possible to continue. Trace all gets to the editor-in-chief. He observes of all at once. On it depends, what article will be precisely printed. As he watches presence of illustrations to article. As soon as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper will perform the part of the work, almost ready newspaper goes on printing house. There it is printed and again gets on a table to the editor-in-chief. He should confirm number and send the he to the director of the newspaper. If work is approved, the newspaper gets on regiments of shops. At the big sales the circulation increases.