Помогите ответить на письмо своего британского друга по переписке, соблюдая mention.


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Hi John!

Well, if you want I gonna tell you about my room. We live in a flat, like most people in Russia. However, I have rather big and pretty room. The walls are white and violet because I like the combination of these two colors. I have huge double bed. It is extremely soft and comfortable. I really love it. In front of the bed I have my own TV hanging on the wall so I can watch films I like. It is white. My table is placed right in front of the window, which gives me extra light during the day and I can watch what is happening outside. My laptop always lays on it.  At the left of my table I have a bookshelf. I have a collection of books written by many famous authors. There is an enormous wardrobe next to the bookshelf. On the floor I put a carpet. It is wide and very bright. Also it is very soft. By the way, on the window I have long white curtains which make my room look much better. That's it. Can you tell me something about your room as well?