диалог на тему "Going to the cinema" на уровне 5ого класса. надо чтобы было по 10 или более реплик у каждого.


Ответы и объяснения




-Are you free tomorrow?

-Sorry ,no . I 'll go to the cinema 


- But you can go with me

-Oh it's fantastic .

- I 'll come to take you at 3 o'clock. that's OK?

-Yes of course

10 hours later...

-hello. i'll come to take you are you ready .

- yes,what we will see?

-skream 2

- Oh it' my favorite film

-Will you saw the film ?

-Scream 2  no ,but i saw Scream 1

-ok .we arrive 

- do you like pop -corn


-would you wont to buy some 

-no thanks

When the film finish 

-The film was very good


-good bye the bus arrive .

-see you  soon bye.