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My Future Profession

When a person leaves high school, he understands that the time to choose his future profession has come. It is not an easy task to make the right choice of future profession and a job at once. Leaving school is the beginning of the independent life, the start of a more serious examination of a man's abilities and character. As a rule, it is difficult for many school leavers to give a defi­nite and right answer straight away.

As for me (as far as I am concerned), I.am a "would be" mathematician - a great piece of luck! This year I have managed to cope with and passed entrance competitive exams successfully and now I am a "freshman" (a first-year student) of Moscow Lomonosov University Mathematics and Mechanics Department - world-famous for its high reputation and image. It aims to give the students the top level education and to enable them to carry on scientific research work. After completing a course of five years our Department graduates can continue their studies and research and defend their thesis (dissertation) to get a scientific degree in both pure and applied fields of modern maths.

I have always been interested in maths. In high school my favourite subject was Algebra. I am very fond of solving algebraic equations, but it was ele­mentary school algebra. This is not the case with university algebra. To begin with Algebra is a multifield subject. Modern abstract algebra deals with not only equations simple, problems but with algebraic structures such as "groups", "fields", "rings", etc. and comprises new divisions of algebra, e.g., linear algebra, Lie groups, Boolean algebra, homological algebra, vector algebra, matrix algebra and many more. Now I am a first-term (semester) stu­dent find study the fundamentals of the calculus.

I haven't made up my mind yet to choose a field of maths to specialize in. I am going to make my final decision when I am the fifth-year student busy writing my research diploma project and consulting my scientific supervisor. If is equally too early to choose one of the hundreds of jobs to which I might he better suited upon graduation. It is for the future to decide whether it would be school, institute, government or business employment.

At present, I would like to be a teacher of maths. To my mind, it is a very noble profession. It is very difficult, indeed, to become a good teacher of maths. Undoubtedly, you should know the subject you teach perfectly, you should be well-educated and broad-minded. An ignorant teacher teaches ignorance, a fearful teacher teaches fear, a bored teacher teaches boredom. But a good teacher (tutor, educator) develops in his students the burning desire of mastering all branches of modem maths, its essence, influence, wide-range, and beauty.

Mathematicians claim that "maths is art for art's sake". It is sophisticated and requires good training. In our age maths has attained its wide scope and extraordinary applicability in sciences and engineering. That is why there is radical transformation in mentality of most mathematicians - today's prob­lems and demands in applied sciences, economics and industry compel many "pure maths experts" (i.e., theoreticians) to deal with new goals and engineering problems. All our Department graduates are sure to get jobs they are willing to have. I hope the same might hold true for me as well.


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1.Is it an easy or a difficult task to make the right choice of future profession to a person who leaves high school?

2. What kind of occupation does the author of the text would like to have?

3. Has the author of the text made up his mind to choose a field of maths to specialize in?

4. It is difficult to become a good teacher of maths, isn't it?

5. Who claims that " maths is art for art's sake?