Нужно написать эссе о вреде курения или точнее о конфликте курящего и не курящего. Предложений 10. На английском конечно. Если можно, чтобы было легкое построение предложений. Фото- само задание и как нужно написать.


Ответы и объяснения


Smoking is a bad habit. Often it harms not only smokers, but also others who do not smoke.Throughout the world, smoking is prohibited on the street. This is a manifestation of concern to non-smokers. Many restaurants and cafes have tables for smokers and non-smokers, suggesting that the protection is still smoking.In our country, the conflicts between smokers and non-smokers are in most cases because of selfishness smokers. For example, sitting at a stop smoking smokes on the child. Or going to the entrance, many people can not see your own door, thanks to smoking on the landing. Conflict is non-smoking, unfortunately, bad manners many smokers prevails.