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In my view, an ideal town is a town where everything is great. At first, you can imagine a town which is clear, nice and modern. No wonder, we all dream to live in such place. However, inhabitants must understand that only they are able to make their town as nice as they want it. Let's try to describe the town of our dream. I think such town should be modern. On the streets you can sees a lot of modern inventions of technology progress, like automates of self-service. Furthermore, there should be clean roads, parks and squares. A great number of places of interest makes the town really wonderful! Of course, citizens must be friendly, polite, kind and smart. And then, there is a town of my dream.

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                                                                Ideal town

When I was a child, often imagined that I live in the city where all houses are built of chocolate bars, fences — from cookies, and instead of water in the river lemonade. In my city it wasn't necessary to go to kindergarten and bed early. On TV there showed only animated films. I "occupied" this place fantastic characters. It was my ideal city. If to me it was sad or terrible, I "left" there.
I grew, and soon this city disappeared. And so wanted to dream, forget sometimes about problems, not to think of the bad! The Limonadny river in which small fishes caramels lap, any more didn't seduce me. And I began to think of the new city. What it will be? What in it the main thing? Buildings, areas, prospectuses? No, probably, people. And the city will be under construction round them and for them. I will be slowly, on a brick, to erect the city in which to all inhabitants it will be good.