напишите пожалуйста!!! мне нужно 10 предложений с going to!!! предложения должны быть, отриц.(-), вопросит.(?) и (+)!!! всего 10 предложений должно быть!


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1. I am going to visit my grandmother next summer.

2. she is going to go for a walk with her frineds on the weekend.

3. They are going to go to the seaside on their holidays.

4. he was not going to help us anyway.

5. I am not going to go to her birthday party on Sunday.

6.  we  are not going to watch this film

7. Are you going to help your mother about the house?

8. Is Ann going to read this book?

9. Is he going to walk with his dog in the afternoon?

10.Are  you going to speak to them about this?