Плиз помогите. Это срочно!Решите хотя бы половину этого:Фото внизу:


Ответы и объяснения



1) get up

2)watch a Dvd

3)have a cup of tea

4)go to bed

5)work on my competer

6) go jogging



1) dentist







1)Usually we go shopping at weekand.

2)Sometimes he goes to bed late.

3)Samantha never watches TV in the morning.

4)Usually I eat dinner at half past seven.

5)Often Tim meets his dad after school.


5.1) is painting

2)A.are you doing

B. I am writting

3)are not watching

They are doing

4) is repairing



1) It is quarter past five.

2)Sorry, I have got a lot of homework.

3)Let is go to the cinema.

4) Have you got the time, please?


1. get up

2. watch a DVD

3. have a cup of tea

4. go to bed

5. work on my computer

6. go jogging


1. it is half past one

2. it is 3 o'clock

3. it is qaurter past seven

4. it is quarter to twelve.

5it is quarter past nine.


hospital -doctor

bakery - baker

garage -machanic

school - teacher

cafe - waiter


1. We usually go shopping in the weekend

2. He goes to the bed late sometimes

3. Samantha never watchs TV in the morning

4. Usually i have dinner at half past seven

5. Tim often meets his dad after school



1. My dad is painting the house.

2. What are you doing, Sam? I am writting an email to my friend.

3. The children are not watching TV now. they are doing their homework.

4. is John repairing his car? Yes. he is.


1. it is quarter past five

2. Sorry, i've got a lot of homework.

3. Let's go to the cinema

4. Have you got the time please?


i am talking and writting about  daily routines

I am telling the time

i am talking and writting about jobs

i am writting an email about weekend activities

i am writiing a text about a famous landmark

I am making and responding to suggestion