Помогите написать по английскому ---сочинение на английском языке. Тема Насилие среди субкультуры


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Subcultures of violence are generally characterized by identifiable values, norms, or shared expectations for interaction that dictate the use of violence in some situations. Subcultures are not totally distinct from a broader culture in which they are embedded. Rather, the subcultural adherents subscribe to many behavioral expectations of the dominant culture and adhere to a subset of norms and values that are not condoned by the broader culture. Among those adhering to the tenets of a subculture of violence, the use of violence in particular situations is not simply tolerated, but expected. This expectation implies that it is a conduct norm, meaning that negative sanctions (such as being ostracized) may occur if violence is not used in a situation in which subcultural norms call for it. Subcultures of violence are said to be maintained by a process of intergenerational transmission and social learning of the relevant norms and values. The two most widely discussed subcultures of violence are the Southern subculture of violence and the Black subculture of violence, both said to be found in America.