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Kolobok — the character of the Russian national fairy tale of the same name represented in the form of small white bread of a spherical form who ran away from baked his grandmothers and the grandfather. Аrom different animals (a hare, a wolf and a bear), but was eaten by a fox.


Animals can be considered as the test, dropping out to the born world (including, to the person – which also there is a Universe, a microcosm). On the one hand, a meeting with the Hare – check of speed, dexterity, resourcefulness; with the Wolf – courage and determination; with the Bear – oppositions to force: with the Fox - to insidiousness, cunning and a vainglory. The morals are obvious: it is most difficult to pass through copper pipes, and it is the biggest threat to the examinee to the world, big or small.

At last, if to look at a plot from the point of view of creativity psychology, the song of Kolobok, sung to the Hare is the creative course, the first experience of action of the hero which is successful. Its use for the second time – at a meeting with the Wolf – experience fixing, in the third – stereotype fixation. So the meeting with the Fox can be considered also as abuse of stereotypic behavior.

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