Привет, мне нужна помощь с домашней работой. Составить рассказ про Россию


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 Я напишу его в виде письма:

  Hi! I am from Russia.It is a country in Eurasia...There are a lot of nationalaties. The most popular are the Russians. The capital of Russia is Mosscow .Itis the most development city in Russia.There are a lot of skyskrapers, museams, schools, parks, shops, art- buildings, supermarkets, galleries in Moscow.But if you want to buy a flat in Moscow you need a lot of money.Yes,it really is quite expensive.Moscow was built in Europe style.The most strange is this fact: there is no Russian car in Moscow! Official language is Russian .But sometimes you can hear English too, because a lot of foreigners come here from different countries.Russia is famous for it`s churches.