помогите написать сочинение на 100 слов на тему мой город мечты по англискому


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Since young age, I have always wondered what the perfect place for living would be like. Now, I can say that I have a clear vision of the city of my dreams. First of all, it should be situated in a sunny part of our planet and have great weather conditions all year round. Secondly, there should be neither crime nor any violence there. Only good and kind people can reside in such city. Life can be much easier and nicer if everyone is loving and understanding. In the city of my dreams people will live in peace and quiet, without any worries and fears. This city will have excellent roads, cheap stores, many beautiful parks and playgrounds for kids, several entertainment centers and else. The population of the city will be neither too rich, nor poor. People will live equally well. Older people will be respected and taken care of. The streets will be clean and safe. There will be no homeless animals in the city of my dreams. Another important condition is to have a loyal government. People in the city of my dream will never be in a hurry and they will do only the jobs they like. However, I certainly understand that it’s just my dream, I really hope that at least some of the mentioned qualities will come true in the future