помогите написать письмо по заданию: You are staying with your pen-friend in England.Write a letter to your brother,Dean,telling him all about the family you are staying with. Write a letter of 200 words in an appropriate style. План:what's the name of the family you are staying with? which town are you staying in? do you like it?why? who are the members of the family? what are they like?what do they do& what do you want to ask your brother about home? how many paragraphs do you need? how can you end your letter? how can you sign your letter?


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Dear Dean , 

How are you? My holidays are passing great. As I planned, I went to England for the holidays. I'm staying with Mr Brown's family. They have very beatiful house in Strartford-upon-Avon. It is not far from London. In this city wa born famous writer William Shekaspeare. This town is not very big however there are many places of interests like Shekspeare's house where he was born.I've already been there.

Anyway, I would like to say more about the family I'm staying with. George Brown is a very nice gentleman. He works in the bank, I suppose. But I don't really know. His wife, Mrs Brown is a housewife. Her pancakes are amazing. Every day, she cooks different meals for her family. They have son called Jim. He is 15. He is very friendly. Jim also has holidays so we are spending free time together. We both like soccer and also he taught me some rules of rugby. It is a very catching game. When I will come back, I will teach you. Hopefully, you gonna like it.

That's it. I'm sorry but I don't have a lot of time. We are planning several excursions to London. I will tell you about it later. What are you doing at home? How is our family?(Say "hello" to mum,ok?) Did Dad repair our TV?

See you soon,