помогите составить текст на англиском языке используя все эти слова:a journey(путешествие),flight(полет),ещ сфеср(успеть),to leave(покидать),to arrive(прибывать),to miss(пропустить),to take(занемать время),to see off(провожать),to check in(регестрация),a ticket(белет),luggage(богаж)

если неполучится на англиском то хоть на русском составте.


Ответы и объяснения


Once I decided to make a journey to Dominican Republic to swim with dolphins. I bought a tour to Santo Domingo with the opportunity to swim with those amazing creatures. I packed my suitcase with all summer clothes. My flight would leave at nine o'clock in the morning but I arrived to the airport at half past seven to make sure that I wouldn;t be late. I caught the taxi and came to the airport. I checked in and gave my luggage. My best friend came to see me off. I passed the customs and control but I still had a plenty of time. I had a cup of coffee in the small cafe and ate a croissant. It was actually pretty nice. The flight took me about 10 hours. I the airplane I watched films and slept. My computer was charged so I could type so documents for my work. When I came there I bought a ticket for public transport but I spent so much time! As a result, I missed my bus and I had to wait for another one. Soon I caught another one. I arrived to the hotel and sighned in. My room was huge with comfortable bed. The next day I swam with dolphins which was unforgetable experience. I made a lot of photos. I really loved it