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March 8 - International Women's Day is, which is celebrated across the country, around the world. It is well-known and memorable holiday. Yes, yes it is Women's Day, and the people in our lives is the most expensive and respected woman? Well, of course, my mother will say all the drops without a doubt. Mom - this is a unique and native, that is dear to us throughout life, it is the people, without which it was not us, our brothers and sisters.
March 8 essay must contain a description of life with his mother, you need to cover those moments that you spent together, your joint achievements and downs. It is necessary to tell that when there are so dear and close friend, not terribly disappointed in the failure and defeat. This man will always be there, even if you stumble and make wrong choices. She will always support and help, will give practical advice and guidance. Tell us about that as a lifelong mother guarded your rest, to sacrifice their whims for you and giving everything to the last drop for the education of children.