Напишите пожалуйста сочинение Британская или Американская семья!!!!!!! Пожалуйста помогите!!!


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The typical British family has always consisted of a mother, father and two children. but since then the law has simplified the procedure of divorce, the divorce rate has increased. Therefore, 32 percent of children live with only one parent, usually a mother, sometimes with his father.
The majority of British children live with their parents at the very least as long as they finish school at age 17 or 18. Then many go to college, leaving the same parents.
But many adult children remain with their parents during college or return home after graduation.
Older people are proud of their independence, enjoy it and do not want to be a burden to their children. Phone, car, online help them keep in touch, even if they live in different parts of the country.
Family members - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - to communicate with each other, but they are less likely than before to see each other. This is because people often leave the house for work, so the family is divided. Holidays - the traditional time for the reunion.
 Family nights are more fun when they get together relatives who have not seen.