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Contemporary art in its present form emerged in the late 1960's and 70's. Art selection of the time can be described as the search for alternatives to modernism (often took the form of denial through the introduction of directly opposing the principles of modernism). This was reflected in the search for new images, new tools and material expression, up to dematerialization of the object (performances and happenings). Many artists have followed the French philosophers proposed the term "postmodernism." We can say that there was a shift from object to process.

The most notable events abroad 60s and 70s include the development of conceptual art and minimalism. In the 70 markedly increased social orientation art process, both in terms of content (so, to raise the artist), and composition: the most notable event mid 70's became feminism in art, as well as increased activity of ethnic minorities (1980 - e) and social groups.

The end of the 70's and 80's were characterized as "fatigue" of conceptual art and minimalism and a return of interest in fine art, color and figurative (the flowering of such movements as the "New Wild"). As of mid-80's have the lifting movements, actively using the images of popular culture - kempizm, Art East Village, gaining strength of neo-pop. By this time is in the art of photography - more and more artists are beginning to refer to it as a means of artistic expression.

On the art process was influenced by the development of technology: in the 60's - the video and audio, and then - computers, and in the 90's - the Internet.

The beginning of the 2000s marked a disappointment in the possibilities of technical means for artistic practices. A constructive philosophical justifications of contemporary art of the 21st century has not yet appeared. Some artists of the 2000s suggest that "modern art" is a tool of power "post-democratic (English)" society. This process causes the enthusiasm of the representatives of the art system, and pessimism for artists.

A number of artists of the 2000s, returned to commercial object of the process and refusing to offer a commercially profitable attempt modernism of the 21st century.