СРОЧНО!!! Помогите составиль 10-15 предложений про рабочее место хотя бы на русскойм!!!!


Ответы и объяснения

Every student spends most of his time at his working place. Chair, table, plenty of student and notebook and of course the computer screen is a "landscape" we all have got used too. That is why I think our working places should make us happier and be comfortable. It has to have enough light and also space for all the papers. It should allow the student to move his legs while writing or reading, the chair must be really comfortable, but have a straight back so it doesn't harm the backbone. I think having pictures of friends or dreams, some colorful graphs on the wall in front of the student can motivate him! If he enjoys spending time at his working place then he will probably see more advantages in studying.