1)Dan and Phil played tag yesterday. 2)Then went to the stadium. 3)My relatives visited us yesterday. 4)I could help my mum. 5)My sister ate ten sweets. 6)My father had three cups of coffee for breakfast. написать вопросительную и отрицательную форму


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1) Dan and Phil didn't play tag yesterday.

Did Dan and Phil play tag yesterday?

2)They didn't go to the stadium.

Did they go to the stadium?

3)My relatives didn't visit us yesterday.

Did my relatives visit us yesterday?

4)I couldn't help my mum.

Could I help my mum?

5)My father didn't have three cups of coffee

Did my father have three cups of coffee? 

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вопросительная: did play Dan and Phil tag yesterday. 2)Then went to the stadium.did visit My relatives us yesterday. could help i my mum. did eat My sister ten sweets. have My father three cups of coffee for breakfast.

отрицательная: )Dan and Phil did not play tag yesterday. Then did not go to the stadium.My relatives did not visit us yesterday. i could  not help my mum. )My sister did not   eat  ten sweets. My father have not three cups of coffee for breakfast.