ПОЖАЛУЙСТА УМОЛЯЮ Я ВАС ОБЛАГОДАРЮ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА написать сочинение моя комната 8-15предложении


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My room is very nice!It has ones a bedroom and a desk.There is a computer on the desk.my walls are white and floor is brown.I also have a window and a radio in my room.I like listen to the radio.My parents want to buy a TV to my room.My room is not very big.I like it very much!


My room

My parents and I we live in a house. I have my own room on the second floor. The walls are coloured white with just a touch of orange in some places. I put some posters, pictures and photos onto them to make everything look better. And it actually does because there are many pictures and photos where I would like to go or where I've already been. My floor is dark brown. It is so slippery, so sometimes I even fall down. I have many windows in my room and one of them is right above my bed, which allows me to observe the sky. My bed is double and I feel like a real princess sleeping on it. I have computer corner with the table I used to have when I came to school for the first time. But now, I have my computer also. My computer chair is enormous and very comfortable. Also i have colourful carpet on the floor. I have my own stereo system with radio, but I also would like to have TV hanging on the wall in front of the bed. I love my room