ОТВЕТЫ НА ВОПРОСЫ !!!!!!!! ПО-АНГЛИЙСКИ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How many courses does your lunch [dinner] usually consist of? What is your favourite dish? What vegetables do you like? What do you usually have for dessert? How often do you eat out? Have you ever eaten at McDonald,s? Some people say that eating at a restaurant is a waste of money. Do you agree? Can you cook? Do you agree that the best cooks in the world are men?


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1. My lunch consists of main manu and dessert. 2. my favourite dish is manty. 3.I like cucamber and tomato. 4. I have a piece of apple cake for dessert. 5. I prefer eat home-made food. 6. No, I haven't. 7. I agree that eating in restaurant is a waste of money because it will be cheaper to eat at home.