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American movie actress.

Full name is Jessica Alba Maria.

Was born April 28, 1981 in Pomona (California, USA).

After school I studied in a theatre Studio «Atlantic Theater Company».

Some time later, after her daughter's birth the family moved to Biloxi, Mississippi. The family was not very prosperous, her father is Mexican, who refused to take a job anywhere. As a result he became the military. Three years later, her father, who served in the air force, moved back to California. Having lived there, they moved to Del Rio, Texas. Mother by descent half French, half Danis . When the light appeared Jes, her parents were very young, extra money in the house was, and the house itself was a very relative concept. Jessica is not the only child in the family she has a brother, Josh. Before the girl was nine years old, the family moved from state to state ten times. Already in five years, Jessica decided to become an actress. In the twelve went to acting courses, thirteen got her first role in life. Not because it was such a talented, but because the Director liked her long hair.

She very much wanted to become a real Hollywood star, for the sake of this week came at the various castings in Beverly hills. At first she was offered the role in the TV series. In anticipation of this role she even had to advertise the computer game "Nintendo".