Нужно небольшое сочинение на русском языке, так чтобы в нем присутствовали все времена прошедшего времени. (10-15 предложений)


Ответы и объяснения


1) I want to tell you how I spent weekends last week. 2.) It was about 5-6 days ago. 3.) When I went home from school I decided to do my homework and go for a walk. 4.) I called to my friend and we decided to play football. 5) We had been playing football so long that I didn't notice how time passed.6) When I was going home, I understood one thing. 7) I realized  that I had forgotten the key. 8.) So I stayed outside and I was waiting for my parents who went to visit their friends. 9) So it was a funny holiday for me)