Нужно составить рассказ о любимом авторе на английском языке.



Ответы и объяснения


Vitaly Valentinovich Bianki was born on January 30 (on February 11), 1894 in St. Petersburg, in a family of the scientist-ornithologist. Unusual surname - Bianki - heritage of the Italian ancestors. Vitaly since the childhood very much liked to write verses. Together with the father whom he designated the first "the forest teacher", the boy often happened in the Zoological museum. By a father's advice I kept the diary of supervision over the nature. He continued to make these entries and much later, already during study at Petrograd university, on natural office of physical and mathematical faculty, and still later - at Institute of history of arts. The very first children's story - "Whose nose is better?" - Vitaly Bianki published in 1923. The story is full of very exact comparisons analogies in comic coloring. In Vitaly Valentinovich's works the folklore tradition is noticeable, for his creativity return to written in the past and to already published works is very characteristic. In 35 years of active creative work Vitaly Bianki wrote more than 300 stories, stories, fairy tales, articles and sketches about the nature. During all life I kept diaries and notes of the naturalist, I answered on coming to a set reader's letters.