Замените действительный залог страдательным.
А) 1. Many people attend the lecture. 2. Someone has eaten the cake. 3. He will leave the ticket on the table. 4. They were discussing the report the whole evening. 5. People speak English in many countries. 6. Snow will cover the fields in winter. 7. Everyone can see the film soon. 8. The gardener has planted some apple –trees. 9. His parents have bought him a new bicycle. 10. They will advertise the product on TV.
В) 1. An actor killed President Abraham Lincoln. 2. Alexander Bell invented the telephone. 3. The Chinese invented paper. 4. They invented photography. 5. The French government gave the Statue of Liberty to the American people. 6. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal mausoleum for his wife who died in 1631. 7. They make Volkswagen cars in Germany. 8. Columbus discovered America. 9. Fleming discovered penicillin. 10. They talked much about that problem.


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A. 1.The lecture is attended by many people. 2. The cake has been eaten by someone. 3.The ticket will be left on the table by him. 4.The report was being discussed the whole evening by them. 5.English is spoken in many countries by many people. 6.The fields will be covered with snow in winter. 7.The film can be soon seen by everyone. 8.Some apple -trees have been planted by gardener. 9.A new bicycle has been bought him by his parents. 10. The product will be advertised by them on TV. B. 1.President Abraham Lincoln was killed by an actor. 2. The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell. 3.Paper was invented by the Chinese. 4. Photography was invented by them. 5. The Statue of Liberty was given to the American people by the French government. 6. The Taj Mahal mausoleum was built by Shah Jahan for his wife who died in 1631. 7.Volkswagen cars are made in Germany . 8. America was discovered by Columbus. 9.Penicillin was discovered by Fleming. 10. That problem was much talked about by them.