Напишите эссе на английском со структурой на тему "Мое рабочее место"


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Mother often wondered, "And in this child whom such a freak?" But once I realized that the job of each person must be kept in order. That's how it was. I usually spend a lot of time for lessons. Just a few hours. After all, it would be necessary to get messy mountain of notebooks one you need right now. And well, if it had fallen behind the couch or at all clear where gone. Math textbook I could use as a base for toy soldiers. In such a case, I would like to play, and then to do mathematics. And so on. One day I came home from school. On my desk perfect order reigned. Books were neatly on the shelf. All unnecessary pens were thrown out, and nicely sharpened pencil and put in a glass. It turned out that in my absence my grandmother came here and brought this order. At first I wanted to get angry, but it was not angry at anyone. My grandmother has long gone. After a while I sat down for the lessons. And he made them surprisingly quickly. In just one hour! The conclusion is clear. The workplace must be kept in order. Then do not need to be useless to waste time. And the time - this is the most valuable thing in life.