Мне нужно написать небольшое сочинения по английскому. Нужно придумать собстенное тв шоу. Нужно: 1. название передачи 2. ведущий 3. содержание передачи


Ответы и объяснения

There are a lot of tv shows, especially Americans, but I would like to introduce you a Russian show made my students, for those who need advice! It's called studvice! All the teens have struggles sometimes- with school, parents, boys and girls. We are here to help you. Just call us and one of the invited teachers, scientists or writers will do his best to help! Of course our leader, Max Dhilman will also try to advise something from his own experience - he is a teenager just like you! You don't have to worry about somebody recognizing you - you don't have to tell us your name, just the situation yo are in! So, go and phone us, we want to help!