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Все, что разобрала.

1) Did you get a lot of presents on your b-day? - Yes.

2) Who's you favourite writer? - Pushkin.

3) She got a tea set.

5) I'd like to taste a cake.

6) Put your clothes away.

8) How much do we have to wait for him? It's pointless. He's not coming. - We'll have to wait for 2 hours.

9) Mom, I'm so sorry, I'll never do that again.

10) He's really afraid of sharks.

12) It was terrible. Go and change your pants. They're dirty (not clean).

15) He swallowed a candy and got very upset.

17) I'd like to speak English well.

19) They've never been to Moscow.

20) He did his homework. You can take a walk.


1. Did you get many gifts for your birthday?

2. Who is your favorite writer?

3. She has got a tea set.

4.Don't leave without telling your name.

5 I would like to taste some cake.

6. Take away all your things.

7. He would like to crooss the bridge.

8. How long do we have to wait for him? It is useless. He is not coming. We have to wait for him for  2 more hours.

9. I am sorry, I will never do it again.

10. He is afraid of sharks very much.

11. You don't have to be afraid of cockroach and worms.

12. it was awful. Go and change your pants. They are dirty.

13. She is very curious. What was she whispering to your ear?

14. The clock has stroken 12.

15. He  had swallowed the candy and got very upset.

16. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

17. I would like to speak English well.

18. My puppy has swallowed a pice of glass. What a pitty! 

19. She has never been to Moscow.

20. He has done all his homework. You can  play.