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My Winter Fantasy

Yesterday I went (go) to the park. I ... (meet) my best friend there. It was (be) sunny and cold. We ... (ski) in the park. We ... (play) snowballs and ... (make) a funny snowmen. The snowman ... (look) at us ... (say), "Hello!" We ... (like) it very much. When I ... (come) home, I ... (have) lunch. At home I ... (do) my homework, ... (watch) TV and ... (draw) a picture of my funny snowman. I ... (put) the picture on the wall. At 10 pm I ... (go) to bed. The snowman ... (smile) and ... (say), "Good night!"


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My winter Fantasy

Yesterday I went to the park.I met my best friend there.It was sunny and cold.We skied in the park.We played snowballs and made a funny snowman.The snowman looked at us and said "Hello!:.We liked it very much.When I came home I had lunch.At home I did my homework watched TV and drew a picture of my funny snowman.I put the piture on the wall.At 10 pm I went to bed.The snowman smiled and said "Good night"