Helen : what are we having for dessert mum? Sam : I'm very hungry because I only had a sandwich for lunch today. jean: is there any more salad mum? Tim: this is the best dinner I've had. grandmother : don't eat with your mouth open, Sam! grandfather : I'm going to start my diet tomorrow Beth: the chicken is very nice. father : pass me the wine, Beth.
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1. Helen asked what they were having for dessert.

2. Sam said that he was very hungry because he had only had a sandwhich for lunch that day.

3. Jean asked mother if there was more salad.

4. Tim said that that was the best diner he had ever had.

5. Grandmother asked Sam not to eat with his mouth open.

6. Grandfather said that he was going to start his diet the following day.

7. Beth said that the chicken was very nice.

8. Father asked Beth to pass him the wine.