Помогите!!! Пожалуйста!!! Только переводить правильно,пожалуйста!! Срочно нужно!!! Спасибо)))


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I gave one of them to Petr a month ago and he couldn't read it. - We have learnt many new words and grammar rules lately. When I read an easy books, i don't even have to use the dictionary. I think I will find at your place the book, which i will be able to read with the dictionary. - Then come to my place tonight after 7. I think it will not be too late for you. i will be at home and will show you all my books. You may take any you like. - Thnk you. How can I get to your place? - You can get there by 42  trolleybus and then by the subway. It will take you about an hour. - Okey, see you in the evening.  - Till then.