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1. what proves that great britain has avaruety of landscapes?
2. How does the Gilf Stream unfluence Britain`s climate?
3. What is Britain`s history ?
4. What are Britain`s chief industries?
5. What is Britain`s political system?


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1)Britain has a lot of different lanshandov tk: nature, town, village, etc.

2)Determining influence on the climate of the UK has a warm current of the Gulf Stream, extending along its western coast and the heated air along the way. Thanks to the climate of the islands is softer than it could be, given their northerly position.

3)History of Britain is very interesting, and there are many obscure facts

4)The first is: production, sales)

5)United Kingdom - a constitutional monarchy. Unlike most countries, there is no V of the Constitution, which was to be a single document, it consists of various acts of Parliament - the statutes, court decisions and constitutional traditions. Constitution may be amended by Act of Parliament or by general consensus to change the constitutional custom.