Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice. 1)You should send this fax right away. 2)Who wrote the music for West Side Story? 3)Did they invent DVDs in 1970? 4)Leetal Kalmanson will design a new jewellery collection. 5)The Mayor will open the new theatre on Thursday. 6)His parents named him after his grandfather. 7)They will translate her book into Russian. 8)They grow coffee in Brazil.


Ответы и объяснения


1. This fax should be sent right away.

2. By whom was written music for West Side Story?

3. Were the DVDs invented in 1970?

4. A new jewellery collection will be designed by Leetal Kalmanson.

5. The new theatre will be opened by the Mayor on Thursday.

6. He was named after his grandfather.

7. Her book will be translated into Russian.

8. Coffee is grown in Brasil.