Задание по англ....Напишите свою " хорошую историю" о ком- то кого вы хорошо знаете ..... предложений 5 -6 ..... ребят срочно помогите!!


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Lived a rich man, jaded benefits of peace, and in one day it was visited by a desire to know the supreme truth, he wanted to find the meaning of existence. He took the issue to his old one teacher, and he offered to go to the desert to the monks. Those supposedly closer to God and know more. They went out and lost their way. Exhausted by the heat and travel, they found that the water is running out. The old man was quite exhausted with thirst and asked his pupil to leave them in the wilderness, and the rest of the water to take to itself. The young man remembered all the care and love he had seen from his teacher, and poured it into the mouth of all the water, did not let the old man die of thirst. And at that time he was the first in many years, he felt joy, without which so long languished. He realized that life - it means to give, donate, simply say, love. He took the old man on his hands and went back. "Where are we?" - Asked the teacher. "Back home, - said the young man. - I understand the meaning of life. "