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In hot countries monkey catchers take the jug with a narrow neck and fill it with candy or cookies. Monkey, greedy to sweets, launches his unwashed hand into a pitcher and gaining a handful of candy. However, clenching his fist sweets, she can not get his hand through the narrow neck. Only opened his fist, the monkey released from voluntary exile. Seeing as the hunter comes out of the bushes and calmly approaches her monkey loud screams of fear and jumping around the pitcher, but the leg does not decompress. The desire to try to capture her sweet cakes captured.

This mortal world is like a pitcher, and our family and worldly ties - its narrow neck. Human desires - that candy and gingerbread lying in a jar. Rough real world containing desires-sweetness, encourages people to thrust his hand into a pitcher. He eagerly enough cakes - and become willing captive hunter by the name of Death. Death is coming closer and closer - people screaming in fear and jumping in different directions around the jar. But not a carrot fist unclenched.

We think that this should bind us, forcing to do this or that. However, it is not. Unclench his fist and take a closer look: the world is neutral to us, like a jug. This desire to enslave man. Stands for any of us to unclench his fist - and he will find a real and long-awaited