помогите 8 класс нужно составить предложения с этими словами: They are very personal; interesting; beautiful; easy to use; easy to carry in your pocket; enjoyable; amazing; boring; less dangerous for your health; less noisy; full of adventures; full of joy; attractive; well-illustrated; most ancient media.


Ответы и объяснения


Children are flowers of life and they are very nice especially when sleeping.

They are very interesting when you want to do something and sometimes noisy when something does not work.


"They are very personal"-he said about his things.

This story is very interesting.

I saw very beautiful pets in the petshop.

Internet and computer is very easy to use.

Mp3 player is easy to carry in your pocket.

My travel in seven countries was very enjoyable.

A trick in the circus was amazing!

This article about psychology is very boring.

I'll tell you three things that are less dangerous for your health.

Steps of my little sister is less noisy than steps of my little brother.

That game in the computer was full of adventures.

My summer holidays were full of joy.

This girl in the magazine is very attractive.

A picture of my classmate was well-illustrated.

I keep my most ancient media in the good place.