Ответы и объяснения


This book was written yesterday

This copybook was bought the day before yesterday

He had already been sent

He will have been asked

It was given him two days ago

I have already been taken this 

The car was repaired yesterday


The problem is being discussed now. – Эта проблема обсуждается сейчас.

The rule is being explained by the teacher. – Правило объясняется преподавателем.

he bike is being repaired. - Мотоцикл ремонтируется.

The work has been finished. – Работа закончена.

Some wine has been spilt on the tablecloth. – Вино пролито на скатерть.

The door has been closed. - Дверь была закрыта

I am invited. – Меня приглашают