Помогите плз написать немного о спортсменов англии о трёх или о двух,то есть написать как их зовут и характеристику их карьеры на английском.


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Nehru once said 'plays the game with the spirit of the game'. Life is full of failures and success. When we play a game too, we may either win or lose. "Sportsman spirit" is the spirit of accepting one's success with humility.

One of the main advantages of playing any sport is that it teaches us to cope with these failures and disappointments that come our way and to make renewed efforts to achieve success next time. After being defeated in a game repeatedly one begins to learn to fight better and yet accept the defeat gracefully.

The same is said to one's life too. There are times when we fail at our jobs or we fail to do our duty or we may even lose some great things in life, if we lose hope and curse our fate we can never progress in life.

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