Исправь ошибки в предложениях
1.My friend must has a rest.
2.My friends are like to play.
3.When are her birthday?
4. I is like to walk.
5.He can read, isn’t he?
6.There don’t tea in the cup.
7.My sister am allergic to apples.
8.Does he a pupil?
9.She likes to plays chess.
10.He can sings well.
11. You can fly.
12.Does he can play tennis?
13.The dinner is tasty?
14.My pet can swim, don’t it?

Пожалуста, помогите!!


Ответы и объяснения


1)must have a rest
2)likes to play
3) is her
4)I am
6)havent tea
7)is allergic
8)iS he a pupil

9)to play



12)Can he play tennis

13)was tasty

14)doesnt it& 


1. My friend must have a rest

2. my friends like to play

3. when is her birthday?

4. I like to walk

5. he can read, can't he?

6. there is no tea in the cup

7. my sister is allergic to apples

8. is he a pupil

9. she likes to play chess

10. he can sing well

11. you can't fly

12.  can he play tennis

13. is the dinner tasty

14. my pet can swim, can't it?