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Write about a normal day for someone in 2030.

Imagine yourself living a normal day in the year 2030. Think how the technology of the future may change people's lives. Remember that for the people of the future this fantastic technology is as ' common as the telephone or TV for us. Your text could be a diary, an adventure story, or just a description of a person's day.


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My nornal day in the year 2030.

Out of a dream I was brough by a melodious voice of an alarm clock: - Good morning, today the fifteenth of January 2030, on the street it is cold, - 22 degrees a wind moderate. Today day off a planned. 

I opened eyes. On the monitors replacing windows, the pronpt - the snow - covered wood in bright beams of the sun was replaced. Surprisingly, but in a bathroom fragrance the same created a smell of a coniferous forest. Yesterday it broke and it was necessary to do the demand for updating of funetions. Means repaired. Fine!

The toothbrush obligingly gave out a portion of paste with taste of strawberry.

While I brushed tecth, the kitchen machine gun welded a cup of not black coffe with cream and roasted a toast with a ruddy crust. On the video channel twisted advertizing of the last technical novelties for the house.

I loved days off because it was possible to sleep all day therefore I went to the room and included a dream mode. Touch waiis having darkened started showing the moon and stars, I laid down in rocking to sleep bed and feel asleep before the next day.

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