напишите соченение на тему почему я хочу жить в деревне на английском языке пожалуйста


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I like to relax in the summer in the countryside. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, the lack of the madding crowd, the feeling of freedom and relaxation.
I feel good out there, because I love nature, silence and solitude ...
In addition, due to the clean air and constant exercise in the countryside, in contrast to Moscow, I feel great and almost forget about health problems.

In the village live I liked. It's not like in the city. In the village the air is clean and fresh, there is no rush and noise of the city. In the village it's different. There are much nicer, quieter and easier to live. I think that living here can be any - will not bother.

The answer should be easy. English is a universal language (global language in case we are not the only creature who can speak.) The world has changed. We can no longer live alone in our country anymore. If you want to learn the world you need to learn english.... With IT, we can open ourselves to the world and the only way we can connect to the world is to the unviersal language. If you are a business man you would have to learn english to expand your business to oversea. If you are a students you would have to learn english for your own bright future or, at least, pass the exam. If you are an employee you would have to learn english for the benefit of your career. Even if you are just a street walker you still want to learn english to understand what's going on in the world.... No matter who you are. Learn English is very important. You can't avoid it and do not avoid it before you getting too far behind.