Put the verbs in brackets into the PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS

1. Misha ...(not\come) with us tonight

2. What ... (you\do) in your free time?

3.We ... (usually\meet) in the library.

4. Greg ... (learn) to play chess today.

5. ... (Mary\speak) French well?

6. I ... (not\often\go) skiing.

7. It ... (rain) at the moment.

8. You ... (always\lose) your keys!

9. My dad ... (play) chess every afternoon.

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1)is not coming

2)do you do

3)usually meet

4)is learning

5)does mary speak

6)i don't often go

7)is raining

8)always lose



is not coming

What  do you do

we usually meet 

is learning

Does Marry speak 

I don't often go

is raining

You always lose