Добрый день! Помогите пож-та составить небольшие предложения по английскому на тему почта. Муж в командировке, а я изучала немецкий. 1. A letter 2/. a new post office 3. a nice postcard 4. white paper 5. blue and black pens 6. a funny poster 7. an old stamp 8. count stamp 9. a red letterbox 10. the second letter 11. write an address 12. look at a poster 13. an English postman 14. draw a postcard 15. have got a lot of envelopes and stamps Можно несколько словосочетаний в одном предложении. Буду очень признательна!


Ответы и объяснения


1. I  don't like to write letters, because it is faster to use an e-mail

2. A new post office was built not far from my house.

3. I have decided to send to my grandmother a nice postcard.

4. if you want to write a letter, it is better to use a white paper.

5. 14.When I want to draw a postcard I use blue and black pens.

6. 9. 10. Last week  I found in a red letterbox the second letter with a funny poster from my best friend.

7. my brother has an old stamp, which is very expensive.

11.13.  Yesterday I asked an English postman where I should write an address on that postcard

12. I was asked to look at a poster and say if i liked it.

15. if i need to write a letter I will not worry about that, because I  have got a lot of envelopes and stamps.