Rewrite the sentences starting as suggested.

a) The Egyptians built the Pyramids. (Past Simple)

The Pyramids ____________________________________________________.

b) Over 400 million people speak English.(Present Simple)

English _________________________________________________________.

c) They must read the messages.

The messages __________________________________________________________.

d) Edison invented the electric bulb.

The electric bulb________________________________________________.

e) America attacked Iraq some years ago.

America _____________________________________________________________.

f) They didn’t take the jewels.

The jewels ____________________________________________________________.

g) Helen and Susan visited all these places.

All these places___________________________________________________.

h) A fisherman saved his life.

His life_________________________________________________________.

i) The teacher doesn’t punish the students.

The students_________________________________________________________.

j) The storm is causing a lot of damage

A lot of____________________________________________________________.

k) Someone has stolen Kate’s new car.

Kate’s new car_______________________________________________________.

l) He mustn’t answer the questions.

The questions___________________________________________________.

m) The Parkers haven’t bought a video camera.

A video____________________________________________________________.

n) Anne is selling the house.

The house _____________________________________________________________.

o) They will wash the car.

The car_________________________________________________________.

p) They can invite Sarah to the party.


q) I couldn’t write the letters yesterday.

The letters ____________________________________________________________.

r) The teacher collects all the exam papers.

All the exam papers_______________________________________________.

s) They didn’t break the table.

The table_______________________________________________________.

t) A car ran over our dog.

Our dog________________________________________________________.

u) She has answered my question.

My question____________________________________________________.

v) The police won’t investigate the murder.

The murder_____________________________________________________.

w) Volunteers would clean up the long beach.

The long beach______________________________________________________.

x) They were writing a book.

A book ____________________________________________________________.

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Ответы и объяснения


The Pyramids were built by Egyptians

English is spoken by over 400 million people

The messages must be read

The electric bullb was invented by Edison

Iraq was attacked by America several years ago

The jewels were not taken by them

All the places were visited by Helen and Susane

His life was saved by fisherman

The students are not punished by the teacher

A lot of damage is being caused by the storm

Kate's new car has been stolen 

The questions must not be answered by him

A video camera hasn't been bought by Parkers

The housed is being sold by Anna

The car will be washed by them

Sarah can be invited to the party

The letter couldn't be written by me yesterday

All the exam papers are  collected by the teacher

The table wasn't broken by them

Our dog was run over by car

My questions has been answered by her

The murder won't be investigated

The long beach would be cleaned up by the volunteers

A book was being written by them