Ответы и объяснения


2. who had called the fire brigade.

3. if I had asked people to leave the building.

4. if anybody had been injured.

5. how many fire-fighters were there at the moment.

6. if any of the houses had been damaged.


2. She asked George when he would call her.

3. She asked if I could play the piano.

4. He asked who was there.

5. She asked Jonathan if he liked fish.

6. Mother asked what I had done that day.

7. Jim asked if I had gone to work the day before.

8. He asked how I had got there.

9. She asked if I had seen her blue jacket anywhere.

10. He asked if I would take him to work the next day.

11. She asked where I had been.

12. She asked if they would visit them in the summer.