Надо придумать сказку на англ.языке.Любую за размером.Про что хотите!Можно придумать не сказкой,а просто текстом!Если хотите могу дать план,но можно и не за планом!!!Что хотите спрашивайте в сообщениях!


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  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

Mowgli was born in the jungle in India. His parents had died. A shi-wolf raised him along with her own cubs. Mougli had many friends among the jungle animals. His best friends were Baloo, the bear and Bagheera the panter. He  also had enemies.The  worst of these was Shere Khan - the tiger.He hated humans and sworn to kill Mowgli. Bagheera knew the only solition was take  Mowgly to the man village.There he would be safe among his own kind. Mowgli didn*t want to go. He refused to listen when Bagheera explained his reasons. He refused to go even when he was kidnapped by the monkeys, whose king belived Mowgli could tell him how to make fire. He still wouldn*t go even when he had to fight Shere Khan.Then ,one day,Mowgli had his first glimpse of a human being. A girl human! She was collecting water from a pool. Mowgli was enchanted and followedher to the man village.At last he was where he belonged.